how to prepare

Give yourself plenty of time

The best family photos happen when you are relaxed and feeling gorgeous and confident. Avoid feeling rushed and stressed by leaving plenty of time for dressing, grooming, and travel. A photo session is the perfect excuse to get hair and makeup professionally done (but its definitely not a requirement!).

Don’t forget the basics

Snacks, water, diapers, and wipes are always essential to have when kids are involved. Throw them in a bag to bring to your session and you’re ready to handle nearly any kid emergency we may encounter.

Cheese is for Crackers

Leave the “CHEESE”-Y smiles at home. Expecting children to look at the camera and smile for every photograph will only stress everyone out and result in strained, unnatural expressions. Especially when working with young children, be prepared to step back and allow me to interact naturally with your child to capture the true essence of their personality.

Do a favorite activity

A great way to guarantee beautiful, authentic family photographs is to engage in a favorite activity together. Bring some books to read together, a favorite game, a football, a picnic treat, or anything else you can think of.


Enjoy each other

My goal is to photograph your family connections and interactions. I don’t expect everyone to be looking at the camera and smiling in every photo and neither should you.  Don’t be afraid to toss your children playfully in the air or snuggle with your spouse. This should be fun! Laugh. Joke. Embrace. Play. This will allow me to create images that show the true emotion and beauty of your family.

F a c e b o o k
I n s t a g r a m