what to wear



Your Style

First and foremost, these photographs are all about your family. That means they should convey your personalities and style preferences. Whether it is earthy and casual or glitz and glam, go with it and play it up. It’s important to be yourself during your session, so make sure your clothing reflects your style.


Keep it Comfortable

Sessions with young children are often high-energy, so make sure clothing and hair styles are comfortable and relatively low-maintenance. You don’t want to spend the whole session dealing with an unruly hair piece or limping around in too-tight shoes. And you certainly don’t want that to be what you remember every time you look at the resulting family portraits.


Make it Pop

You can amplify your style by playing with colors, textures, and simple patterns. Find a nice mix of neutral colors and then add a few pops where you can. For example, use white, gray and blue as base colors and add pops of bright red (a red and white striped sweater, a red scarf, etc.) Or, for a more neutral look, try khaki with blue and green accents. Don’t be afraid to play with texture either. Fuzzy furs, flowing fabrics and starchy denim make for great photos.


The Key Word is “Coordinate”

The easiest way to dress a family is often to pick 2-3 colors that are flattering on everyone and work those colors into each outfit to varying degrees. Use accessories like scarves, headbands, hats, and jewelry to add some fun flair to your images. Feel free to contact me with clothing ideas or questions prior to your session and/or bring multiple accessories to play with throughout the session.


F a c e b o o k
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